A few tips on how to keep your garden pond clean and clear. Have you heard of bacteria? They work great!!!

How to maintain a garden pond easily and ecologically with clear water, fish, plants and at the same time provide safe swimming? It is necessary to follow a few basic principles and a garden pond or fishpond will once again be the pride of your garden.

The basic factor without which your pond will never be clean and crystal-clear!

Each pond must have a pH in the range of 6.5 - 7.7!!!!!

You can measure it as a guide with, for example, litmus paper. Unless your pond has a pH in this range, you will never achieve biological balance in its waters, and you will never have it clean and crystal clear! At pH 6.5 - 7.7, a biological balance of water is created, which is a state where the water is able to purify itself (at least partially). Unfortunately, nowadays, when pollution is much higher than in the past (phosphates, nitrites and nitrates from fields, dust and pollen from the air, acid rain, fallen leaves, etc.), water areas are no longer able to clean themselves, so it is necessary to supply bacteria to your pond or fishpond to decompose organic waste. These bacteria multiply the number of bacteria in your pond or fishpond, and thus significantly increase the bacterial strength of your pond, which can easily cope with the increased content of organic waste and decompose it. This will significantly increase the cleanliness and transparency of your pond which will once again become the pride of your garden! Thanks to bacteria, it is possible to remove up to 30 cm of mud from the bottom of the pond in one year!

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How does it work?

It's very simple. Your pond contains a small number of bacteria that help break down organic waste. By adding our bacteria, you will increase the content of bacteria in your pond, and thus significantly accelerate the decomposition of organic waste. 90% of organic waste (mud) is made up of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, which are found in water in compounds. These compounds constantly break down the bacteria into simpler and simpler substances until they eventually break them down into water H2O and carbon dioxide CO2, where CO2 is released in the form of gas into the air and pure H2O water remains in the pond. All bacteria also need phosphorus to multiply, so adding bacteria also reduces the phosphorus content of the pond, making it much easier to create a biological balance in the pond! You also prevent the production and growth of cyanobacteria, which have no food due to the low content of nutrients in the water.

Types of algae you can find in the pond

In the pond, we can find mainly two types of algae. The first representatives are single-celled algae. These algae feed on organic residues in the water, i.e. uneaten fish food residues, fish droppings, dead plants, fallen leaves, pollen and dust. All these cases cause increasing organic pollution of your pond and are deposited on the bottom in the form of organic mud. The more organic pollution in your pond, the faster single-celled algae will form, and the pond will be "green". The only way to get rid of unicellular algae is to get rid of the organic pollution of your pond, which is food for unicellular algae. This can be achieved by adding bacteria to your pond with Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your garden pond. Another representative is fibrous algae. Fibrous algae grow from the bottom to the surface wherethey form the so-called green tufts. They occur mainly in clear water because they need sunlight to grow. These algae can also live in water where there is no organic pollution and are therefore exceedingly difficult to remove. We recommend removing them, if possible, mechanically (for example with rakes).

Polluting factors

There are several problem factors that affect the quality and purity of water in a garden pond. Some can be influenced; some are predetermined and need to be adapted.

Water volume and area of ​​the garden pond

The greater the area of ​​the pond and the depth of the water, the more stable the cleanliness of the pond and the easier it is to maintain the pond, because there are no such significant changes in pH, temperature and other values ​​that do not benefit the pond or fishpond.

Number of fish in the garden pond

With a higher number of fish, your pond cannot be cleaned on its own and you will start to add organic waste (mud) at the bottom of the pond. The ideal choice for an ornamental pond is about 100 grams of fish per cubic meter of pond.

Species and feeding of fish

Feed the fish only little, as they are almost always able to find food in the pond on their own. By overfeeding, the water begins to rot.

Dust, pollen, fallen leaves, etc. are one of the biggest polluters of water, which gradually decomposes into water and increases the content of nutrients - food for cyanobacteria.

Oxygenation of water in the pond

In the hot months, there may be a problem with the oxygenation of the water. There are two serious problems here! The first problem is the lack of oxygen for the fish, which begin to suffocate in the water. The second problem is that water with a low oxygen content cannot decompose nutrients well (organic mud) - it starts to turn green (the nutrient content in the water increases, cyanobacteria start to multiply)! Good oxygenation of the water can be ensured by continuous dosing of Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your garden pond, when using them, a minimum of 3 mg / l of oxygen dissolved in water is guaranteed! Oxygenation is also aided by supplementary plants, which return oxygen to the water and absorb the carbon dioxide exhaled by fish. The plants thrive in the pond best from May to July.

Evaporation of water from the pond - in hot weather it is necessary to monitor the loss of water by evaporation. When the water level drops, it is important to continuously add water to the pond with a garden hose. Do it continuously, because the new water needs time to adapt to the water already in the pond. It is better to add water several times in small doses than to let the level drop for a long time, and then add a large amount of water at once. This will cause fewer problems for living organisms.

Swimming in the pond

If your garden pond is also used for swimming and bathing, you can easily use our products Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your garden pond. They are 100% natural and completely environmentally friendly products.

Fish consumption

Fish can be applied after application of bacterial preparations Mr. Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your garden pond to consume.

Preparations cannot be overdosed - bacteria contained in Mr. preparations Bacteria Bio-enzymatic cleaners for your garden pond are completely harmless to plants, fish and humans!!!

Using bacterial agents along with other supportive measures is the best, most effective, and most environmentally friendly way to keep a garden pond clean and clear.

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Bacterial force

We have been selling bacterial preparations for more than 15 years and we know that the bacterial strength of the preparation (i.e. the number of bacteria that the product contains) is very important in the production of high-quality and really very effective bacterial mixtures.

We guarantee that our products contain an outsized number of bacteria, which help to eliminate the odour and organic waste very effectively!

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