How to compost properly and take a use of a compost accelerator?

Do you want to add compost in your garden? Compost is a great solution for creating fertilizer for your trees and plants in your garden. In our advice and tips section, we will try to give you some tips and tricks for the correct adding of compost into your garden.

What does not belong in compost

Avoid filling compost with raw materials such as chipboard sawdust, citrus fruits, grass from a harmful environment - from the road, etc. It is also a weed in bloom or its offshoots, diseased plants, or parts thereof or leftovers from the kitchen in the form of meat, bones, oil, or dairy products.

What does belong in compost

The compost should include grass treated using the product Mr. Bacteria No. 4. Bio-enzymatic cleaner for your COMPOST, as well as a larger amount of freshly cut grass, straw, crushed bark and crushed tree branches, wood chips, wood ash, fruit tree leaves, manure, garden soil. Kitchen waste in the form of vegetable residues, fruits, shells, and the like are also suitable.Experience has verified that standard compost matures within one year under optimal conditions. With "Mr. Bacteria No. 4. Bio-enzymatic cleaner for your COMPOST", this time period is reduced by about half. Mr. Bacteria No. 4. Bio-enzymatic cleaner for your COMPOST also maximizes the fertilizing values ​​of your compost.

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How, when and where to compost

The best time to add compost is autumn, in a place in partial shade or full shade, best under trees. The reason is to protect the compost from sunlight, wind, which results in the compost drying out.

For better handling, try to put the compost in containers or at least delimit it with a sufficiently wide strip, for example of plastic. The delimited compost dries out more slowly and the applied product will not leak from it during application.

The first base material for the compost may be crushed bark, straw, or tree twigs.

Subsequently, you can start adding individual compostable materials - straw, fruit tree leaves, manure, vegetable residues.

Try to keep the compost moist enough throughout its cross-section. You can perform the test of optimal humidity, for example, by taking the composted material into the palm, pressing it, while small drops of water should appear between the fingers. After opening the palm, the material should remain compressed. It seems undesirable when water flows from the hand – then is the compost too moist. If the material spills after opening your palm, the

compost is too dry. If the compost is dry, it will not ripen and all microorganisms and bacteria guaranteeing optimal ripening of your compostwill gradually die out.

The air supply is important. Therefore, it is advisable to occasionally shuffle or loosen the compost. This is important for the life of microorganisms and bacteria that are added to compost using Mr. Bacteria No. 4. Bio-enzymatic cleaner for your COMPOST. Poor air supply leads to insufficient compost maturation, slowing down maturation and its uselessness.

Don't forget the different sizes of the individual materials you use to fill the compost. This results in aeration and optimal compost maturation.

Finally, it is important to draw your attention to the careful reading of the user manual for Mr. Bacteria No. 4. Bio-enzymatic cleaner for your COMPOST.

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  • How to compost properly and take a use of a compost accelerator?

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